High Five

Highlights High Five

Published by Highlights for Children

Printed by RR Donnelley

ISSN: 1943-1465

Format: Print magazine

40 Pages ~ Ages 2-6

Issue Used: April 2015 ~ Volume 9 ~ Number 4 ~ Issue No. 100

Brief Summary

Highlights High Five is a print magazine for preschoolers and kindergarteners. It focuses on encouraging the development of children in this age range and promotes one-on-one time. The monthly magazine includes three main sections: reading, puzzles, and activities. Between the pages lie poems, easy stories that promote independent reading, short stories for one-on-one time, snack recipes, simple crafts, and engaging, educational activities.


Highlights High Five definitely appeals to its intended audience. Preschoolers and kindergarteners reading this magazine receive reinforcement primarily in reading and math. However, there are opportunities for children to be exposed to and learn other subjects through the stories. For example, a young boy learns about gardening and butterflies in a story about Earth Day. The Hidden Pictures scenes, puzzles, and matching activities are opportunities for children to think independently, especially with activities that require them to find similarities and differences.


  • age appropriate
  • engages children through activities
  • boosts self-confidence
  • promotes thinking skills
  • stimulates the brain/mind
  • educational, yet fun
  • vibrant illustrations
  • includes an online audio edition (for parents) and teacher guide


  • learning stories could include a small box with tips for parents to use to explain the subject matter (e.g. the Earth Day would include a definition Earth Day and ways children can be eco-friendly)
  • staple binding could be dangerous for 2 year olds


The easy snack recipes could be used to help 5-6 year olds learn to how work independently with little adult assistance. The fun crafts are simple enough to be used for birthday party activities.


  • Highlights Hello
  • Highlights

*Both magazines are part of the Highlights for Children family. The trio of magazines are designed to deliver engaging learning opportunities and activities from birth to 12 years old.


  • Learning Magazine Teachers’ Choice Award (2010)
  • Preschool Periodical of the Year (2010)
  • Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award (2011)
  • Family Choice Award (2013)

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