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Title: Watch. Connect. Read.Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 6.14.33 PM


Author: John Schumaker aka Mr. Schu

Format: Blog

Dates active: 2010-present

Brief Summary/Review

Mr. Schu’s Watch. Connect. Read. is a blog intended to use book trailers to connect readers with books. The blog primarily includes interviews with authors of books Schu chooses for the blog. Watch. Connect. Read. does just that: allows blog readers to watch a book trailer, essentially allowing them to connect with the book, leading them to decide to read it. The blog is successful at connecting with a young audience through its uniqueness of enticing readers via book trailers. The blog includes other vibrant visuals like book covers and art that appeal to readers. What makes this blog different from most others are the always present author interviews.

Mr. Schu is a K-5 school librarian, member of the 2014 Newbery Medal Committee, a Library Journal Mover & Shaker, and active in the Twitter community. He is passionate about putting the right book in every child’s hands. His blog allows him to creatively reach children to do so. Schu often collaborates with Colby Sharp for blog posts.


I enjoyed reading Watch. Connect. Read. because it contained the following things that I think are important to mention/include when blogging about literature:

  • author interviews
  • book trailers
  • other appealing visuals
  • posters advertising reading events (e.g. World Read Aloud Day)
  • some posts about his personal “book picks”
  • some links for teachers/librarians included in different posts
  • encourages the use of public/school libraries and independent bookstores

These things are what create appeal for blog readers and encourage them to go pick up a book.


Mr. Schu doesn’t specifically indicate the intended audience for his blog. Most posts seem to be directed toward children and youth. This is not to say that parents and children’s librarians would not be interested in them. Because he is a school librarian, I would have liked see his posts also include his personal review of books, which would be helpful for other school librarians working on collection development. More of those types of posts could aid in library management. The few that I read that focused on library professionals contained interesting ideas and were of great benefit, so I it would be great to be able to read more similar to those.


Here are a few blogs by elementary school librarians.

Head over to Watch. Connect. Read.


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