Where’s Walrus?

Where’s Walrus?

Written & illustrated by Stephen Savage

Published by Scholastic Press, 2011

ISBN: 978-0-439-70049-8

Format: Picturebook

32 Pages ~ Ages 3-5

Brief Summary

A bored walrus decides today is the day he will become adventurous. This makes for a busy pursuit through the city for the zookeeper as he sets out to find the walrus, who cleverly disguises himself as a construction worker, businessman, and even a window mannequin at a department store. When the walrus visits a local swim competition, he reveals his true talents. The zookeeper gets a bright idea that convinces the walrus to come back to the zoo.


This is a very cute picturebook. I didn’t know anything about the book before reading it, so I was pleasantly surprised when opening this wordless classic. I love that is is a cross between Where’s Waldo? and using your imagination. The illustrations (drawn in Adobe Illustrator) are vibrant and funny. Savage’s use of white space throughout the book pulls readers eyes toward the true illustration – who Walrus is disguising himself as at the moment. What I like most about this book: finding Walrus can can be a challenge for children or they can tell their own story as they go through the book.


Primary teachers can use this book to encourage students to use their imagination. This book could be incorporated into a unit about animals, especially around the Kindergarten classes go on their zoo field trip. Students could work in small groups to create a text for the story. Having students work independently on activity like this is also a good way to introduce sequencing and storytelling. After visiting the zoo, the could also complete a chart comparing and contrasting the walrus in the book to one they see at the zoo.


  • Where’s Walrus? And Penguin?  by Stephen Savage
  • Unspoken by Henry Cole (a chilling wordless picturebook)

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