A New Approach

WOW! It has been over a year since my last post. 🙈  Time certainly flies by faster than we’d like to think. I haven’t stopped reading; over the past few months, I’ve been journaling my reading experiences via Instagram. I am happy to say that thanks to what was supposed to be me scheduling book speed dating/booktalk dates for some English classes led to an impromptu conversation about student assignments, and magically✨✨✨…the decision to include blogs as part of students’ DIR (daily independent reading).

I get the honor of working with these students next week. Can you tell I’m Ăźber excited about it?! 🤗  I absolutely love engaging with students—especially about awesome books— and am so enthused to be able to introduce them to what could quite possibly be their first blogging experience. I really hope they like it. 🤞🏽

To kick things off, I had to dust off my chops, of course. What better way to start blogging again than to start by using their requirements as an example?! So, here’s my first one for the novel I’m currently reading—The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis.

DIR: Quotefemale

“He’s lonely. So when I stop for the first time ever, I almost feel bad when his face lights up. Almost. Because immediately following that pure smile of a human being who craves the company of another human being, his eyes flick down to my tank top, where my breasts heave up and down as I catch my breath. And we’re not two human beings anymore. We’re a male and a female. Alone in the woods.” -Alex, the female protagonist, as she comes into contact with a man during her run around town.

Although this passage is from early on in the story, I love it because it’s the moment when I realized…OOOO….It’s. About. To. Go. Down. In this particular moment is when the author magnifies the intensity of the opening line “This is how I kill someone.” Not only do you realize the protagonist is out to get someone, you can tell that someone is a man. “We’re a male and a female” set a tone that says this girl has an issue with the male species; now I just have to keep reading to figure out why.

Intrigued in the slightest by this quote or my post? Stay tuned. Follow my blog for updates or just check back tomorrow. I’ll be updating with students’ next DIR task: make a prediction.



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