What Happens Next?

So yesterday I somewhat introduced you to what I’m #currentlyreading. The Female of the Species has been a pretty quick and interesting read thus far. It’s definitely outside of my normal genre preference, but has not disappointed. Told in three alternating voices, it’s the story of how loner Alex Craft befriends two classmates that remember details of her sister’s brutal murder three years prior all too well. Although Alex has preferred a life alone, her mindset is beginning to shift as she gets to know Peekay, the girl she share’s job duties with at a local animal shelter for their senior year experience. Until the first day of senior year, Jack hadn’t given Alex a second thought. Now, he’s smitten with her. Although they’ve become comfortable as friends, there’s still something Jack and Peekay can’t quite grasp about Alex. But what is it?

DIR: Predictionfullsizerender-22

Alex has practically just manhandled a group of older guys, preventing them from taking advantage of Peekay at a party. While Peekay is grateful, in the following days, she finds herself defending her friend Alex to those who believe she’s crazy. My prediction for the next part of the book: Peekay and Jack will find out if Alex has been violent towards males in the past…and if so, just how much. Could this female of the species be more deadly than the male? To find out, you’ll have to read Mindy McGinnis’ The Female of the Species*.

*For mature readers; intended audience grade 10 and up

img_4436On another note: a “cool kid” gifted me this “Reading Nook” scented candle for Christmas and I’ve burned it all in my three sittings with TFotS. Boo hiss. Heading over to see what other book inspired scents FromthePage (Etsy) offers. Oh yeah, and contemplating tomorrow’s post; it’s a challenge. Stay tuned. Happy reading!


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