Not So Hidden Anymore

I’ve spent the past week reading Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures. After seeing the movie twice, I couldn’t help but pick up the printed story on its book birthday (release day for you non-book nerds 🤓).  I’m reading the young readers’ edition, which is probably right up my alley, since I’m not a big nonfiction fan. Although the writing is simple, I’d recommend it for middle grade and high school. The simplicity of the text lends itself to middle grades, but the occupation topic and inclusion of family dynamics appeal to high school readers. What I love about the book is that you learn about a fourth hidden figure not mentioned in the movie (for those who watch before or rather than reading). At the moment, Hidden Figures has my brain spinning for a few reasons:

  • Who knew married women during that time couldn’t be teachers?
  • I love movies, but it’s so interesting to see how filmmakers use their creativity and embellishment from print to screen.
  • While this story tackles Deep South racism (in the workplace and education) and sexism, what I love that it does most is breaks down limits and encourages the female of the species to pursue whatever they choose.
  • I strongly believe we were all created to live in a certain age. There are things women and African-Americans had to deal with that I’m certain I would not have handled as well as many did during segregation. I have too much sass and way too many opinions to not “sit down and be quiet.”
  • Who gives the final say on metadata? Why in the world is this book cataloged in 500s? Yes, its science and math, but it’s wholly these women’s stories.

At one point in my reading, I began to think about the strength and bada**ness of these women, I started a playlist that I felt embodied their character. It also includes some songs I thought might represent Captain Johnson’s feelings for Katherine as exhibited in the movie. Take a listen if you please.



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