Make a connection

I usually try to make time to participate in DIR with the creative writing class that meets in the library to encourage a culture of reading in our building. I find it hard and unfair to ask students to read if they don’t see me reading. Here is today’s journal prompt.

I started The Education of Margot Sanchez by Lilliam Rivera last night and read a few pages during DIR time today. Again, modeling, here’s my text-to-world connection based on my reading today.

Some context–Margot has just encountered a guy set up on the sidewalk in front of her dad’s store. He’s encouraging neighbors to sign his petition to prevent a corporation from tearing down the current apartment complex to build a luxury high-rise. The owners are forcing the tenants out by “cutting off their heat and hot water” (p. 16). This reminds me of the Dakota Access Pipeline situation currently taking place. As I drove to work this morning, I tuned in to the Today Show on XM Radio and one of the segments I was able to catch talked about how protestors will be forced to evacuate the construction site today to comply with the order in place for workers to begin installation. TEoMS connects to DAPL for me in that people are standing up for something they believe isn’t fair and to protect their neighborhood/reservation.

Looking forward to getting into the next few pages of this novel.



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