We’re ALL Wonders

The magnificent R.J. Palacio recently released We’re All Wonders and my heart couldn’t be happier. Auggie is back in picturebook format spreading the importance of acceptance. While the audience of Palacio’s text and illustrations are obviously K-3, readers of all ages are sure to fall in love with Auggie and his message. 

“The Earth is big enough for all kinds of people.”

In We’re All Wonders, Palacio introduces us to Auggie, a kid who knows he’s not ordinary, but does ordinary things like anyone else. Auggie accepts he doesn’t look like other kids, but he wishes people didn’t focus on how different his appearance is. What he wants the most is for others to see him as the unique wonder his mom thinks of him as.

I loved Palacio’s original novel Wonder, and share the same sentiment about We’re All Wonders. What better time to begin teaching differences and acceptance than with young readers? The icing on the cake: Palacio’s vibrant illustrations. They’re the perfect complement to a story where the protagonist is hopeful despite how dark life can sometimes seem. Palacio’s incorporation of Wonder cover art-inspired look for Auggie will resonate with lovers of the chapter book. You’ll love this book and so will the little ones in your life. πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’›

If you’ve read enough of my posts, you know I’m an advocate of acceptance, diversity, and inclusivity, so I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pages from the book. This! This is diversity! And a beautiful illustration of how we may not look the same, but we’re all wonders. πŸ’œ


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